Cri­minal com­p­laint to the Inter­na­tional Cri­minal Court (ICC) against Corona Shock Mea­sures being pre­pared – wit­nesses needed to testify on „vac­ci­na­tion“

Trans­la­tion of the ori­ginal article by Marcel Keppler

In a press release dated August 1st, 2021[1] wit­nesses are asked to step for­ward to testify in front of the Inter­na­tional Cri­minal Court in The Hague for a cri­minal com­p­laint.

It is man­da­tory for the wit­ness state­ment to be written in Eng­lish language.

The cur­rent call is pri­ma­rily regar­ding the topic of “vac­ci­na­tion”, it´s asso­ciated damage to the health of indi­vi­duals and medical informed consent.

In addi­tion, other forms of psy­cho­lo­gical tor­ture also play a signi­fi­cant role, which many of those affected are unli­kely to be aware of in detail.

© 2021-05-22 Cri­tical News – white tor­ture whilst shop­ping in Lüneburg

The guilty should be held accountable

„The human rights defender (according to UN Reso­lu­tion 53?144) Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reu­sing is pre­pa­ring a cri­minal com­p­laint before the Inter­na­tional Cri­minal Court (ICC) in The Hague for app­lying the shock doc­trine under the pre­text of Corona. The com­p­laint relates to mea­sures that have reached the seve­rity of a crime against huma­nity (Article 7 of the Rome Statute).

Civi­lians are harmed within the frame­work of a large-scale and sys­te­matic policy through the cri­minal offenses of murder (lit. a), impr­i­son­ment or other serious depri­va­tion of liberty in vio­la­tion of fun­da­mental rules of inter­na­tional law (lit.e), tor­ture (lit.f), per­se­cu­tion (lit. h ) and other inhu­mane acts of a similar nature that will­fully cause great suf­fe­ring or serious inju­ries to the body or to mental or phy­sical health (lit. k). These shock mea­sures serve power, ideo­logy and profit inte­rests of dif­fe­rent cir­cles, which overlap.

Mean­while, the world­wide Corona cam­paign has claimed count­less vic­tims of the so-called „vac­ci­na­tion“. The crime against huma­nity needs to be inves­ti­gated and the guilty par­ties held accoun­table. You can con­tri­bute with your tes­ti­mony. With this lawsuit, vic­tims can get a voice and save the lives of other people, inclu­ding the lives of children as of late.

We need the wit­ness state­ments inclu­ding name, address, date of birth and signa­ture. The state­ment must include expli­citly con­sent and per­mis­sion for use in this cri­minal com­p­laint which will be sub­mitted to the ICC for crimes against huma­nity caused by the corona shock measures.

The wit­ness state­ments should be based on the fol­lowing questions:

-When did you receive which mRNA / DNA sub­s­tance (“vac­cine”) against Sars-CoV 2 and from which phar­maceu­tical company?

-Which serious and / or per­sis­tent side effects have you had that did not occur before the vaccination?

-Please pro­vide evi­dence of this damage to your health with a cer­ti­fi­cate from your doctor.

-What were the con­se­quences of this damage to your health?

-Have you been pres­sured to take the medical pro­ce­dure? If so, who did it and in what way?

- To what extent are you informed about the expe­ri­mental and gene­ti­cally mani­pu­la­ting cha­racter of mRNA / DNA substances?

The wit­ness state­ments must be in Eng­lish. Please send the signed docu­ment as soon as pos­sible to:

Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing

Human rights defender according to UN reso­lu­tion 53?144

Thor­ner­strasse 7th

42283 Wup­pertal (Ger­many)

+49/202/2502621 “

Detailed inter­view in the corona inves­ti­ga­tion committee

As early as December 2020, fur­ther details on the planned cri­minal com­p­laint were pre­sented to the corona inves­ti­ga­tion com­mittee (Corona-Unter­su­chungs­aus­schuß). Reu­sing was seen live in con­ver­sa­tion with lawyers Viviane Fischer and Dr. Füll­mich.

In par­ti­cular, she exp­lained which cri­minal offenses of inter­na­tional cri­minal law she sees rea­lized through the corona mea­sures. The inter­view goes on to exp­lain what so-called “white tor­ture” is all about and which shock mea­sures could be used to imple­ment beha­vioural changes in society. One of the essen­tial cha­rac­te­ris­tics of white tor­ture is that it is often dif­fi­cult to detect and those affected often do not even per­ceive it as such.

The pro­hi­bi­tion of tor­ture app­lies without exception

In his 2009 article on “White Tor­ture” in the “Psy­cho­lo­gical Review” (Psy­cho­lo­gi­sche Rund­schau), the now retired Pro­fessor for General Psy­cho­logy at the Uni­ver­sity of Kiel, Prof. Dr. Rainer Maus­feld, writes:

“Through the total instru­men­ta­liz­a­tion of a person as a means of the state brought about by tor­ture, the dignity and auto­nomy of the victim is vio­lated or des­troyed to such an extent that the legal pos­si­bi­lity of such a situa­tion alone would under­mine the foun­da­tions of the rule of law. The abso­lute status of the pro­hi­bi­tion of tor­ture cannot be called into ques­tion within, but only at the expense of the demo­cratic con­sti­tu­tional state. The abso­lute pro­hi­bi­tion of tor­ture sepa­rates demo­cratic con­sti­tu­tional states from tota­li­ta­rian regimes, in whose legal system and rulership tor­ture is widespread. Tor­ture thus repres­ents an attack on a legal asset that is not rela­tive, but abso­lutely worthy of pro­tec­tion. The pro­hi­bi­tion of tor­ture does not allow any excep­tions – not even in the case of a public emer­gency that threa­tens the life of the nation – and basi­cally excludes any balan­cing with other legal inte­rests. „[2]

Maus­feld illus­trates in his article, among other things, the planned use of white tor­ture in Guan­tá­namo, Abu Ghraib and Bagram.

What does the Rome Sta­tute say?

According to Article 7 Para­graph 1 of the Rome Sta­tute of the Inter­na­tional Cri­minal Court of July 17, 1998, the fol­lowing app­lies especially:

Article 7
Crimes against humanity

1. For the pur­pose of this Sta­tute, „crime against huma­nity“ means any of the fol­lowing acts when com­mitted as part of a widespread or sys­te­matic attack directed against any civi­lian popu­la­tion, with know­ledge of the attack:

(a) Murder;

(b) Exter­mi­na­tion;

© Ens­lave­ment;

(d) Depor­ta­tion or for­cible transfer of population;

(e)  Impr­i­son­ment  or  other  severe  depri­va­tion  of  phy­sical  liberty  in  vio­la­tion  of  fun­da­mental  rules  of   inter­na­tional law;

(f) Tor­ture;

(g) Rape, sexual slavery, enforced pro­sti­tu­tion, forced pregnancy, enforced ste­ri­liz­a­tion, or any other form  of sexual vio­lence of com­pa­rable gravity;

(h) Per­se­cu­tion against any iden­ti­fiable group or collec­ti­vity on poli­tical, racial, national, ethnic, cul­tural,  reli­gious,  gender  as  defined  in  para­graph  3,  or  other  grounds  that  are  uni­ver­sally  reco­gnized  as   imper­mis­sible  under  inter­na­tional  law,  in  con­nec­tion  with  any  act  referred  to  in  this  para­graph  or   any crime within the juris­dic­tion of the Court;

(i) Enforced disap­pearance of persons;

(j) The crime of apartheid;

(k) Other inhu­mane acts of a similar cha­racter inten­tio­nally causing great suf­fe­ring, or serious injury to body or to mental or phy­sical health.“ [3]

There are many examples of crimes against humanity

In addi­tion to the cur­r­ently par­ti­cu­larly pre­sent topic of com­pul­sory vac­ci­na­tion through the back door, the Corona inves­ti­ga­tive com­mittee (Corona-Unter­su­chungs­aus­schuss) also ela­bo­rated on other pos­sible cri­minal offenses for crimes against huma­nity, such as depri­va­tion of per­sonal freedom due to lock­downs and qua­ran­tine mea­sures, damage to health due to post­poned ope­ra­tions, discri­mi­na­tion against social groups (e.g. per­se­cu­tion of Doc­tors who have issued mask cer­ti­fi­cates), psy­cho­lo­gical tor­ture (e.g. child­birth or school les­sons only with mask wea­ring, per­cep­tion mono­poly, threat of job loss or death) and other serious restric­tions on fun­da­mental rights.

It is recom­mended to have a look at the form linked by the Corona Inves­ti­ga­tion Com­mittee (Corona-Unter­su­chungs­aus­schuss)[4], the cri­minal offenses[5] and the video of the mee­ting.[6]

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